Petrana KFT is a Hungarian trading company established in 2009.


Trade - Biodiesel, gas and various products derived from refining crude oil including oxo oils and oxo alcohols.

Production - We produce our own products that are successfully used as solvents for diluting paints and varnishes, as a remover of old paint and adhesive coatings, for degreasing metal surfaces before painting, for degreasing baths in the process of metallization with protective coatings. Washing permanent markers and graffiti as well as facade plasters



Our cooperation with partners in Poland and abroad has lasted for years and is based on mutual trust.


Quality is very important for us in PetranaKFT. We always check the offered goods and even try to get quality certificates.


The Petrana KFT team is dedicated to providing the best service for our business partners. We ensure that at all stages of our contracts from negotiation to completion.


Petrana KFT company is active in the Polish and foreign markets and has established a fruitful cooperation with many companies, contributing to the rapid development of PetranaKFT itself and development of its business partners.


0036 1780 5994


+48 34 321 43 76

+48 34 368 29 64