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Production of our proprietary solvents with a wide range of applications:



Syntol 50 - An oil solvent used in the production and processing of asphalt and roofing felt, As an ecological cleaner for heavy asphalt and oil paints, For removing old paint coatings. It is also used to pre-plasticise concrete mixes operating under different loading conditions



Unisol - is a comprehensive industrial solvent used, among others, as a thinner for paints and varnishes, for cleaning paint and adhesive residues, for degreasing metal surfaces before painting, for washing permanent markers and graffiti, for cleaning gypsum facades and washing paper stickers.


We also manufacture products for individual customer orders




We trade in biodiesel, gas and various products derived from refined oil. 


Oxooil HS9  - It is a colourless - slightly yellowish colour and aromatic odour. The oxo oil HS9 is octene, HS9 is also a high boiling hydroformylation product. Known applications oxooil HS9 are intermediates and solvents.


Oxooil LS13 - This is a colourless liquid with an olefin odour. Oxooil LS13 can be used as a fuel component. Oxooil LS13 is a dodecane, hydroformylation product, low boiling


Oxooil 9N - Oxo Oil 9N is a high boiling viscous yellowish cloudy liquid with a weak characteristic odour. The product is miscible with many common organic solvents. It is practically insoluble in water. Oxo Oil 9N can react vigorously with strong oxidising agents. At temperatures in excess of about 350 °C the product is expected to decompose. Oxo Oil 9N is mainly used as an auxiliary and additive in the leather, rubber, paper, paints, adhesives and textile industries as well as in oil production and mining.


VAMMAR D10 - It is an oxygen-saturated hydrocarbon. Vammar D10 is a yellowish liquid with petroleum scent.



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